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Hotel with private forest reserve in Monteverde

The Monteverde cloud forest is one of the places you should visit during your stay in Costa Rica. The cloud forest is one of the most representative ecosystems in Costa Rica, next to the tropical rain forest that extend in the South Pacific, the Caribbean and the northern plains. Other representative ecosystems of Costa Rica are the dry tropical forest that is present in the North Pacific and the Páramo (moorland), which occurs in the very highest areas, especially in the Talamanca Mountain Range, specifically in its highest peaks, where Trees do not grow. 

Monteverde, an icon among the cloud forests of Costa Rica

As the name implies, Monteverde ( Green Mountain ) is an oasis of green in the middle of the dry plains of the North Pacific and the vast plains of the northern region. Its climate is influenced by both the winds of the Pacific (its South West side ), as well as the winds and humidity that comes from the northern region. Both climatic influences are found in the highest part of Monteverde, providing a unique climate in Costa Rica, which in turn, creates habitats for unique species, as well as a unique biodiversity.

This has made Monteverde a paradise for birdwatchers, who have been searching for Quetzal and the Bell Bird for decades, as well as numerous additional bird species, including up to 24 species of hummingbirds.

Aguti Lodge, more than just an eco boutique luxury lodge

Aguti Lodge, Hotel and Reserve, has placed special emphasis on highlighting what made Monteverde famous, the essence of the cloud forest. The hotel is located in the middle of the cloud forest, away from the noise of the town and the main road.

The hotel reserve ( Reserva Aguti ) offers the customer 30 hectares of montane and tropical cloud forest, which extends from 1400 meters to the highest part of the Monteverde - Santa Elena massif, 1800 meters above sea level. The entire reserve can be explored through a network of trails, which in their entirety cover 4 kilometers away, covering the various climatic zones, from its lowest to the highest part.

Not only is the reserve a natural treasure in itself, but it borders three even more extensive reserves. On the one hand it borders continuously with the Monteverde Reserve, on the other side with the extensive Santa Elena Reserve and on the other, with the Eternal Forest of Children, an extensive area that goes from the cloud forests of the high parts of Monteverde to the Caribbean plains.

This makes the species that inhabit the Aguti Reserve include from bird, reptile and amphibian species, to the presence of big cats, including the Puma and the Ocelot.

Virgin nature steps from your room

Since the Hotel is within the reserve, exploring the cloud boats is easy and convenient at Aguti Lodge. The trails, which can be both self-guided and guided (with additional cost), are open at all times.

During the day, you can easily walk the well maintained trails on your own. If you want additionally the knowledge of a naturalist guide, Aguti also offers the guided tour service, both regular and private. And if you want to know the treasures that inhabit the forests during the night, we strongly recommend the guided night tour, one of the best tours in Monteverde.