Tours in Aguti Monteverde - Wildlife Reserve

Tours in Aguti Monteverde - Wildlife Reserve

In our Wildlife Reserve, we have different routes that allow our visitors to enjoy nature and landscapes. We invite you to know our tours!

Birdwatch tour

Well equipped with binoculars and telescope, the guide will take you to know the fascinating world of birds. Not only can you see and identify them, but also understand much of their behavior and mysteries.

Tour Time: 4 hrs aprox.

Guided walks

Our guide will show you the wonders of the ecosystem that will surround you. You will also learn about the symbiotic relationships between plants and insects, animals and seeds, trees and birds. At the end of our journey you will know a number of fascinating stories that the forest has to tell. 

Tour Time 3 hrs aprox.

Night hikes

The darkness of the forest always arouses a fear of walking through it. The night tour makes this experience something unique and different but at the same time hypnotizing. Join us to know everything that happens in nature while others sleep.

Tour Time:  2 hours aprox.

Private tour

If you want to go at your own pace; alone, or with your family or friends, we create a journey exactly as you imagine it. You will count on the help of expert local guides. In addition, we offer flexible schedules to meet all your needs.

Tour Time: 3 hrs
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